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Download the white paper in Portuguese "Centros Multimédia Comunitários em Moçambique: um mapa" from this page!

Download the white paper "Photo-elicited perceptions of Community Multimedia Centres in Mozambique" from this page"

Download the white paper in Italian "La Comunicazione Online delle Organizzazioni Non Governative della Svizzera italiana: uno studio sulle ONG della FOSIT" from this page!

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AIS – Microsoft

The evaluation concerns the Sustainable Multimedia Telecentre project run by Microsoft in collaboration with COMMUNITAS and the municipality of São Paulo.

Project owner: Isabella Rega

Project staff: Francesca Fanni

This study measures the impact of the Entrepreneurship program offered within the Sustainable Multimedia Telecentre project to young people living in underserved areas. It takes into consideration two telecentres: the telecentre of Guayanases and the telecentre of Tide Setubal, placed in the Western suburbs of S. Paulo, Brazil. The impact of the project on participants have been evaluated according to two constructs: Self-Efficacy and Locus of Control.