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All work and no play?

The doctoral school CROSS-FIELD is going to organize a seminar on the use of mobile technologies in ICT for development interventions. A lecture entitled “all work and no play” is given by prof. Araba Sey, of the Information School of the University of Washington (https://ischool.uw.edu/people/researchers/arabasey) on Wednesday 17th June, at USI room A24, h. 10.30. Read more for the abstract of the lecture and a bio of the guest-speaker.

Lecture abstract: “All Work and No Play?”

As general purpose technologies, information and communication technologies (ICTs) offer users a variety of affordances. Most ICTs for development (ICTD) interventions, however, tend to expect that technology will be used primarily for particular and usually “serious” purposes. Examination of users’ actual behaviors, on the other hand, shows that leisure-related activities dominate. Theories about play developed by philosophers, psychologists, and anthropologists offer useful ideas to understand these ludic behaviors. I will review typical stances toward ICT use within the ICTD community and discuss preliminary ideas for a reframing of ICTD discourse that acknowledges playful uses of technology. This lecture is based on the paper “All Work and No Play? Judging the Uses of Mobile Phones in Developing Countries” by Araba Sey and Peppino Ortoleva, which can be freely accessed following this link:http://itidjournal.org/index.php/itid/article/view/1280.


Araba Sey is a Research Assistant Professor at the University of Washington Information School. She studies the relationship between information and communication technologies (ICTs), society, and socio-economic development.  For the last six years Araba has been a member of the Technology & Social Change Group where she manages international research projects on the uses and impacts of public access to ICTs. She has written on mobile phone appropriation in Ghana from industry, entrepreneur and user perspectives; global trends in mobile phone adoption; impacts of public access ICTs; and playful uses of mobile phones in low and middle income countries. Araba also runs an annual study-abroad program on ICT research and development issues in Ghana.

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