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CROSS-FIELD: V Residential Seminar

From the 18th to 20th February Silvia de Ascaniis, Asta Adukaite and Marta Pucciarelli have participated to the fifth cross-field residential seminar organized by the Institute of Business Education and Educational Management (IWP-HSG) of the University of Saint Gall.

For the first time the seminar has taken place in the downtown of a city (Saint Gall) where participants had the opportunity to explore the history of the Abbey of San Gall, an UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1983, visiting one of the richest and oldest libraries in the world and the biggest cathedral of Switzerland (including the upper floors, generally not accessible to the public!).

During the seminar PhD students extensively presented their research advancements and design, receiving feedbacks from their colleagues, two professional researchers, Silvia de Ascaniis and Tobias Jenert, and two full professors, Dieter Euler and Chris Steayert.

This time the topic of informal learning has been explored from two different perspectives and approaches: from one side, we talk about the role of creativity in informal learning processes, during a lecture entitled taking learning in organisation one step further: the role of creativity and creating. The lecture has been presented by Prof. Chris Steyaert from the Research Institute of Organisational Psychology of the University of Saint Gall.

From the other side, we discussed with Prof. Peter F. E. Sloane, from the Faculty of Business Administration and Economics of the University of Paderborn (Germany), about the importance of informal learning documentation, during his roundtable lecture: Learning outcomes in social settings. Enabling informal learning and documenting results.