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Culture and Safety in Africa

A communication project aiming at increasing and improving the current limited and biased information.about developing countries among the Swiss public. The project is based on the scientific research “Mobile access to knowledge. Culture and safety in Africa. Documenting and accessing the impact of public art an cultural events on safety and security“.

  • Principal investigator: Iolanda Pensa (SUPSI)
  • Co-applicant: Lorenzo Cantoni (USI)
  • Project coordinator: Marta Pucciarelli
  • Period: 1 September 2015 – 31 August 2017
  • Funding agency: SNSF – AGORA Program

Culture and safety in Africa includes 5 different sub-projects, including:

  1. An exhibition focused on the cultural production of Douala in Cameroon between 1991 and 2014 and its impact on urban safety.
  1. A digital installation produced by the artist and composer Roberto Paci Dalò representing the different images of the city of Douala, emerging by the doctoral research of Marta Pucciarelli.
  1. A peer-reviewed publication about public art in Douala, including comparative documentation about the impact of public art in Douala, Luanda and Johannesburg.
  1. A workshop focused on the use of open licenses and Wikipedia to enhance the dissemination and reuse of background information related to developing countries, organized in collaboration with CAS SUPSI-FOSIT (the continuing education advanced studies in cooperation and development coordinated by Claudio Valsangiacomo and Anna Jacquinta of SUPSI in partnership with FOSIT, the Federation of NGOs of the Italian Switzerland).
  1. The production of 30 new Wikipedia articles and the editing of 70 existing ones.

The project is lead by the Laboratory of visual culture of SUPSI University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland in collaboration with the NewMine Lab, and in partnership with the Centre for African Studies at the University of Basel, the CAS SUPSI-FOSIT, doual’art, ICU art projects, and the artist and composer Roberto Paci Dalò.

For further info contact Marta Pucciarelli at: marta.pucciarelli@usi.ch or marta.pucciarelli@supsi.ch