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Telecentres and Mobiles are two icons of the interventions designed in the field Information and Communication Technologies for Development (ICT4D). Despite the fears the rapid growth of mobile adoption generated among supporters of telecentres, the new technology has not replaced them, and new ways of access are being shaped by users and relevant stakeholders.

This research investigates the relationship and integration between telecentres and mobile technologies in developing countries, where new practices of use are emerging. A further aim is to identify the socio-psychological factors that can lead telecentres’ operators to act as gateways to mobile for development (M4D) services and practices within their communities.

To do so, the research will combine a diffusion of innovation perspective, where telecentres are seen as change agents in fostering M4D in their local communities, and telecentres’ directors/network managers as “infomediaries” or “opinion leaders”, with the study of opinion leaders’ social representations. Therefore, it will detail: (i) the degree of integration of mobiles technologies into telecentres practices; and (ii) the attitudes and perceptions of telecentres directors and network managers towards mobile technologies.

With this study we want to benefit the global movement of public access to ICTs, by collecting and disseminating information on its new trends and needs.

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Project Owner: Sara Vannini

Project website

Period: October 2014 to April 2016

Funding agency: FNS-Mobility