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eLearning Management within Italian Universities

The survey continues the study made within the EDUM project that has been investigating this issue since January 2002 within Swiss and European Universities.

Project owner: Chiara Succi

Period: September 2003 to April 2004

Partner: Centro di servizio per le tecnologie e la didattica universitaria multimediale e a distanza dell’Università degli Studi di Milano
CTU –and NewMinE Lab – New Media in Education Laboratory of the University of Lugano (www.newmine.org) are carrying out a research to discover the main management models used to develop eLearning activities within Italian Universities.

In the first phase, the research focused on 52 universities in the following regions: Baden-Württemberg, Catalunya, Lombardy, Rhône Alpes and Switzerland. A questionnaire was sent and analysing the data, 27 in-depth interviews were also conducted.

The sample of the research is now being broadened to all Italian regions, using the same methodology and focusing on the same issues: University, eLearning activities, Staff, Funds, Didactics and Compiler.