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Emergencies in dental practice

Aim of the project is to develop an eLearning course for dentists and their teams on emergencies in dental practice; the course will be implemented on the website of the SSO – Schweizerische Zahnärzte-Gesellschaft.

Project owner: Stefano Tardini

Project staff: Lara Bachmann, Terry Inglese, Lorenzo Cantoni

Period: January 2003 to December 2003

Partner: SSO – Schweizerische Zahnärzte-Gesellschaft

Emergencies can happen inside or outside the dentist’s room; when a case as such happens in the dentist ambulatory, she/he is responsible for the life of her/his patient and, performing the right actions, she/he can save the life of his patient.
But often dentists are not aware of or are not able to behave in a proper way, in order to make the patient survive until the ambulance arrives. Therefore it is necessary to train them using simple and basic concepts.

The course will be divided into two main parts: a theory section and a practice section:

  • the theory will be organized with simple decision trees that should lead the dentists and their team to understand which are the proper actions to follow in emergency cases. Each node of the decision tree will be explained using some videos in which the dentists perform the right or the wrong action on a puppet. The course will be implemented in the three main languages of the Confederation: the first version will be in German, it will follow the French version and the last one will be the Italian one;
  • the course will present also a practical part that will be organized at presence: this part will last 1 or 2 hours and each seminar will be attended by a maximum of 8 participants. This practical activity could be done wherever an emergency care service is (e.g. red Cross Centres).