White Papers

Download the white paper in Portuguese "Centros Multimédia Comunitários em Moçambique: um mapa" from this page!

Download the white paper "Photo-elicited perceptions of Community Multimedia Centres in Mozambique" from this page"

Download the white paper in Italian "La Comunicazione Online delle Organizzazioni Non Governative della Svizzera italiana: uno studio sulle ONG della FOSIT" from this page!

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Online courses for Brazilian primary school teachers

In the context of the educational policy of the Brazilian governemnt, the Centro de Estudio e Assesoria Pedagogica (CEAP) develops curricula for primary school teachers needing a higher education certificate.

Project owner: Isabella Rega

Project staff: Lorenzo Cantoni

Period: September 2004 to June 2006

Partners: Novacaritas and Centro de Estudio e Assesoria Pedagogica

NewMinE Lab will develop two online courses within the CEAP curriculum: a course on ICTs for Educational Contexts and a course of Communication Theories. The two courses will be implemented in Moodle, an open source LMS. The NewMinE Lab will lead the first edition of the two courses, supporting the CEAP staff to manage further editions.