White Papers

Download the white paper in Portuguese "Centros Multimédia Comunitários em Moçambique: um mapa" from this page!

Download the white paper "Photo-elicited perceptions of Community Multimedia Centres in Mozambique" from this page"

Download the white paper in Italian "La Comunicazione Online delle Organizzazioni Non Governative della Svizzera italiana: uno studio sulle ONG della FOSIT" from this page!

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Research Fields

Our approach is mainly applied: we like working in the field, on real problems, through applying innovative solutions with digital technologies. We learn from experience enlightened by scientific literature and project evaluations. Within this framework, NewMinE Lab actively engages in the following research areas:

1. eLearning: focusing on design and implementation of quality models, considering usability and localization,and stressing the core issues of adoption andacceptance, to facilitate the widespread integrationof eLearning activities in learning institutions and the corporate environment

2. Open Source: our research focuses on Open Source software as a means to create reusable and shareable tools within the research and teaching community. We focus both on design and development models, sustainability, and the economics of open source

3. eLearning 2.0: research on how social software and games can be introduced in educational context at different levels

4. Negotiation and common ground in teams: developing games and tools to foster and improve common ground creation and knowledge sharing within and between developer communities

5. Common Ground of the eLearning Research Community: research on the epistemological basis of the eLearning community to understand the degree of integrationof its interdisciplinary components

6. Social representation, meaning and discourse analysis: research on the variety of socio-cultural and psychological meanings and discourses related to ICT

7. ICT and religion: evaluating the roles and impacts of information and communication technologies in religion, particularly when it comes to religious leaders

8. Motivations: analysing the various motivations and drivers behind participating in ‘technological communities’, in the context of organised social groups

9. ICT for development (ICT4D): a key focal point forNewMinE is the ways in which ICTs can be adopted for the purpose of socio-economic development, specificallyin poor communities. We encourage any project that tackles this issue; one that promotes digital technologiesfor inclusion and social progress. ICTs have demonstrated much potential in affording new life experiences, and it is important to support research that evaluates the many possibilities for effective ICT adoption in social spaces

NewMinE investigates these topics in a variety of applicationareas: cultural heritage, tourism, corporateenvironments, institutions, NGOs, developing countries,and learning.