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New Media in Education – Special Issue of Studies in Communication Sciences

Lorenzo Cantoni & Peter Schulz
Special Issue New Media in Education – Studies in Communication Sciences
March 2003
Università della Svizzera italiana, Lugano, Switzerland.

Lorenzo Cantoni & Peter Schulz
Editor’s Note
Communication, education, and new media.

Full Papers

Andrea Back & Olaf Bursian
Managerial aspects of corporate e-Learning: insights from a study of four cases.

Lorenzo Cantoni & Isabella Rega
eLearning studies looking for fixed stars: a study on referenced literature in SITE 2001.

Martin J. Eppler & Frank Mickeler
The evaluation of New Media in education: key questions of an e-Learning measurement strategy.

Rolf Schulmeister
Taxonomy of multimedia component interactivity: a contribution to the current metadata debate.

Armin Weinberger & Heinz Mandl
Computer-mediated knowledge communication.

Best Practices & Case Studies

Larry Friedlander
Diminishing distances: intimacy and personalization in large classes.

Sophie Lambolez & Anne-Nelly Perret-Clermont
“From the back of the classroom I understand my studies much better!” Secondary school teachers experiment with incorporating ICT into their teaching.

Amanda Clare Murphy
Incorporating computer-mediated communication in university courses: benefits and costs.

Sibilla Rezzonico & Benedetto Lepori
Preparing Swiss higher education institutions for eLearning activities. Educational management in the Swiss Virtual Campus.

Andrea Rocci, Jacopo Armani & Luca Botturi
SWISSLING: an e-Learning linguistics network in the making. Motivations, results, and outlook.

Phd Research in Progress

Jacopo Armani
Towards a software engineering of adaptive hypermedia applications.

Davide Bolchini
Goal-based web design – towards bridging the gap between requirements and design of web applications.

Luca Botturi
E2ML: a tool for technology-dependent educational environment design.

Barbara Class
Tutoring in distance education.

Silvie Franz Pousaz
The psychology and Internet.

Julia Gerhard
Building brands for universities.

Joachim Haes
Network externalities in knowledge: a management perspective.

Diana Ingenhoff
Dimensions of strategic issues management: First results of an empirical study on intraorganizational communication and coordination processes.

Terry Inglese
Archives as living lessons – The New Media Juke Box.

Miriam Keller
Acceptance of e-Learning.

Barbara Leithner
The balanced scorecard and e-Learning – a model for the implementation of e-Learning in the human resource strategy.

Sabrina Lurati
Literature and hypertext: the reading act of literary works in hypertextual transpositions.

Riccardo Mazza
Using open student models in distance learning environments to help teachers provide adaptive tutoring.

Elvis Mazzoni
What students think about and do on the web? An analysis of their attitudes, their behaviour and their interaction on the web.

Oliver Sukowski
The influence of communications relationships on the efficiency of knowledge transfer – analyzed on the basis of the new institutional theory.

Paraskevi Synteta
Project-based e-Learning in higher education: the model and the method, the practice and the portal.

Carlo Tomasetto
Dealing with educational innovation: adoption and resistance to school change in a psycho-social perspective.