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The role of e-Learning applications within the tourism sector

Special issue of the eLearn Center Research Paper Series – 8 (2014) on the role of e-Learning applications within the tourism sector has been just issued.

This special issue is a result of the workshop “Role of e-Learning applications  within the tourism and hospitality sector” which was held in October 2013 in Barcelona (Spain). The workshop has been supported by IFITT (International Federation for IT and Travel and Tourism).

Special issue was coordinated by Oriol Miralbell (Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, Spain), Lorenzo Cantoni (Università della Svizzera italiana, Switzerland) and Nadzeya Kalbaska (Università della Svizzera italiana, Switzerland).


The articles are fully available for download online

Table of Contents

O. Miralbell, L. Cantoni, and N. Kalbaska. The role of e-learning applications within the tourism sector, pp. 04-05.

L. Villarejo, F. González-Reverté, O. Miralbell, and J. M. Gomis. Introducing Augmented Reality in Cultural Heritage Studies, pp. 06-14.

M. Iglesias-Xamaní. Digital technologies and foreign language learning in tourism studies, pp. 15-26.

A. Adukaite, N. Kalbaska, and L. Cantoni. E-learning on tourism destinations. The case of Ticino Switzerland Travel Specialist course, pp. 27-34.

N. Kalbaska. National Tourism Organizations’ online training offer. Switzerland Travel Academy Case Study, pp. 35-44.

M. De Rose, E. Marchiori, N. Kalbaska, and L. Cantoni. Independent e-learning offers in Tourism and Hospitality. In search of a map and possible quality indicators. pp.45-55.

O. Miralbell. Social networking sites and collaborative learning in tourism, pp. 56-67.