White Papers

Download the white paper in Portuguese "Centros Multimédia Comunitários em Moçambique: um mapa" from this page!

Download the white paper "Photo-elicited perceptions of Community Multimedia Centres in Mozambique" from this page"

Download the white paper in Italian "La Comunicazione Online delle Organizzazioni Non Governative della Svizzera italiana: uno studio sulle ONG della FOSIT" from this page!

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UNESCO Summer School IDEAL Tourism 2014

The NewMinE Lab co-organized and collaborated to the success of the first edition of the Summer School IDEAL Tourism – Information and communication technologies for promotion and development of sustainable tourism around cultural and natural destinations. The case of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites -, which has taken place from August 25 till September 5, 2014 at Università della Svizzera italiana.

Twenty-three persons – academics and professionals – were involved from Canada, Hong Kong, Italy, Kenya, Mozambique, Switzerland, Uganda, and the UK.

Thank you very much to everyone for the success of this important event!